Throughout life, you have responsibilities and obligations involving family, academia and your career. Most people undergo these obligations because they are expected to do so, without giving them much personal consideration. If more people thought thoroughly about what theyIMG_1914 want and set goals towards achieving this, they would be a lot more motivated and fulfilled in life.

Setting goals for yourself can be a fun, challenging and life altering process. It can also put into perspective what you really want out of life, school, and your career. In your academic career, the main goal is usually to pass and graduate. Nevertheless, breaking that larger goal down into personal milestones can make the attainability of these goals seem less menacing. Setting well formulated goals sets your life in a specific direction with an objective that is reachable. You also need to look at these goals, whether they be for school, work, or personal happiness, and make sure they are SMART.

SMART goals involve being Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. This means that your goals should be detailed and meaningful to your life. They should be representative of what you hope to achieve. They should also be trackable and manageable. Creating SMART goals allows you to be motivated and optimistic.

Breaking down these goals into smaller, more obtainable, milestones should help you to stay on track. These milestones should give you a chance to reflect and review your goals as you reach them. They give you a chance to ask yourself whether or not they are attainable and whether or not you should modify them or the time you gave yourself to complete them. Also, rewarding yourself when you reach these milestones is important and encourages you to continue.

Prioritizing your time, using time management skills, to complete these short and long term goals is essential. Whether its using day to day or week to week goal setting strategies, time boundaries are important to your success. Unfortunately, feeling overwhelmed can decrease the likelihood of you completely your goals.

However, sometimes you will come across unforeseeable obstacles along your journey. Knowing your strengths and resources to fight these obstacles is necessary. Whether these obstacles are in your control or not, you can usually find a way to use your resources in your favour to complete your goals.

It helps to write down the goals you create. As the variety of goals ranges, this could be with an academic counsellor, with your partner, or a bucket list of your own making. Day to day scheduling is necessary for all students and working professionals. Therefore, having a journal or diary to keep track of this scheduling and goal making is important and helps you to manage your time.

IMG_2353It is common for people to set New Year’s Resolutions and bucket lists, but the difference between setting the goals and completing them is up to the people themselves. If you use these tips and set goals that are SMART, you could be on your way to reaching your goals today.


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